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Tower Citroen Specialists services include regular servicing, M.o.T. preparation, general mechanical maintenance including preventive maintenance and seasonal tasks such as winter preparation.

A free courtesy car is available, but please make sure that you book this in advance.


Regular Servicing

We provide very good value for money, because our charges are not based on a standard service cost. You pay for the actual time spent and the parts used. (The parts will be shown to you when you come to pick up the car.) A typical service costs in the region of 65 to 95, depending on what we find needs to be done.

Please note that we will always check your brakes during a service.

M.o.T. Preparation

We will prepare your car for its M.o.T. test, take it to the testing station and bring it back ready for collection.


Cam Belt
  General Mechnical Maintenance

We are happy to carry out a wide range of maintenance tasks including:

  • Brake overhaul
  • Exhausts
  • Suspension
  • Electrics
  • Hydraulic repairs including sphere
    fitting - 5 new spheres will be fitted for 200

We can recommend people for tyres, insurance approved bodywork repairs and recovery work.


Preventive Checks

We always check your brakes as part of a service. We recommend that you get your timing belt checked, because if you don't have it done, it could be an expensive disaster. You can't see the timing belt, it is covered to ensure that it does not get contaminated, but you can get it changed for as little as 65 and save a lot of expense and inconvenience later.Seasonal Tasks

At the start of winter we believe you should get the antifreeze level, battery condition and tyres checked on your vehicle.



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